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VBCC Youth
Our Mission - To become teens who honestly believe in the saving power of Christ ... We enjoy making friends ....

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What By the Love of God Happened To You?
November 23, 2014
Never allow yourself to be casual about what God has done and is doing through you.
Seeking the Unimagineable
November 16, 2014
The living Christ reveals His marvelous work in and through each one of us.

Pastor Dan's Blog

November 12, 2014
If I had to choose just one spiritual effect that others would see in me, it would not be a disciplined life, nor Bible knowledge or even charitable acts of service... I wouldn't want it to sound religious. I would want it to be as natural as if I was talking about a new restaurant in town that I want my friends to check out. Or a new movie they've just got to see.
November 4, 2014
...every mood, movement and motivation is understood and cared for. You are welcomed and personally escorted...
October 29, 2014
Ever wonder why we continue to believe in Jesus, whom we have never physically seen? Even through difficulty. Even through times of spiritual drought. Even through soul-wrenching disappointment, tragedy, and even disaster?

VBCC Week at a Glance

Nov 28
Ages 13-19 Dinner, Fellowship, Bible Study, or rehearsal.
Nov 30
Adult Bible study and discussion. Childcare provided upon request.
Dec 3
Rehearsal for Sunday Morning
Dec 4
Fellowship and Study of God's Word.
Dec 5
Ages 13-19 Dinner, Fellowship, Bible Study, or rehearsal.