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VBCC Youth
Our Mission - To become teens who honestly believe in the saving power of Christ ... We enjoy making friends ....

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Special Delivery From God To Earth
February 15, 2015
God's work on eartyh is performed through each one of us.
Sermon of 2/8/15
February 8, 2015

Pastor Dan's Blog

February 18, 2015
From the moment of our birth, our time on this earth is a clock winding down... Like all of us, even the most stellar athlete eventually has to retire. Hairlines recede. Body shapes "re-settle" and eyesight dims.
February 11, 2015
Do you believe the Lord is worthy of and can be trusted with the total surrender of your life to Him today?
February 4, 2015
in the immediate aftermath of the Super Bowl... Seahawk players, who had just lost, kneeling with Patriot players, who had just won, for a postgame prayer.

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